Top 3 Advantages to Adding TalkMaster™ FOCUS Suite to Remote Monitoring Services

Commercial businesses need security solutions to protect their property, but hiring human guards to walk the property can be expensive. Now, businesses can protect their assets using the tools many already use – HD video cameras and IP paging systems. Remote services are a cost-effective way many companies are turning to as security technology continues to advance and provide alternatives to traditional security solutions like on-site security guards.

TalkMaster™ FOCUS Suite enhances remote monitoring systems by providing a scalable audio security system at an affordable price. It allows you to connect IP Speakers/Horns, IP End Points, IP Intercoms, and IP Amplifiers to create a powerful audio security solution that fills a gap many other systems have.

Here are three reasons to add TalkMaster™ FOCUS Suite to your remote monitoring services.

1.      Digital Acoustics Can Extend Site Audio Availability by Adding Remote Management

Typical paging systems allow you to play recorded messages and make live announcements, but everything must be done on-site. But with TalkMaster™ FOCUS Suite, the system can use our devices from remote sites so that security monitoring centers can manage the paging systems remotely instead of internally at each store.

As a result, TalkMaster™ FOCUS Suite allows you to make scheduled announcements that you can essentially set and forget. Everything is automated for convenience, and it’s easy to change messages remotely.

2.      The Multi-Zone Controller

The Multi-Zone Controller is a component of TalkMaster™ FOCUS Suite security companies find invaluable because it allows you to control up to 48 different speakers with one multi-zone controller. Security companies can offer more services without the added cost of hardware for a cost-effective audio security system that allows you to do many things.

The more zones you have with alternative solutions, the more expensive they are because they require multiple single-use controllers. The Multi-Zone Controller allows you to select the zones you play recorded or live messages over. If you also install microphones, you can use those speakers as listening devices too.

Add a handset, and you can configure it to dial directly into the monitoring station using the internet instead of the phone line in emergency situations. It makes a direct call using the internet and not the phone network.

The Multi-Zone Controller allows you to customize your audio system to your needs.

3.      The Software Development Kit

Digital Acoustics also has a software development kit you can add that allows you to write your own software to integrate TalkMaster™ FOCUS Suite with existing software and equipment. These allow for easy integration without the need for more equipment.

TalkMaster™ FOCUS Suite is the perfect scalable audio security system for businesses of all sizes. These are just three advantages to this comprehensive security solution. Contact Digital Acoustics to learn more about how TalkMaster™ FOCUS can enhance your remote monitoring services.

About Digital Acoustics

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