Take Your IP Paging System to the Next Level with TalkMaster ™ FOCUS Multi-Controller Feature

IP Paging Systems are integral to many businesses’ security and communications equipment, but TalkMaster ™ FOCUS Suite pairs with some of our other products that competitors don’t have like the Multi-Zone Controller or IP7-MZC. The single-purpose units that other companies offer aren’t nearly as flexible to fit the unique needs of many companies. Here’s how security companies and integrators can take IP Paging Systems to the next level with the Multi-Zone Controller.

Why Choose Digital Acoustics for Remote Location Audio Monitoring

Digital Acoustics’ TalkMaster ™ FOCUS Suite is the number one scalable audio security system that can work for any business, no matter how large or small. Most companies just offer single-purpose units. But we expand all our audio devices so they can be controlled off-site by security monitoring companies instead of internally in the store.

The IP7-MZC has multiple uses. It can be used for live VoIP sessions between the monitoring center and each zone using either SIP or TalkMaster ™ FOCUS. One of the most significant advantages is that the end-user can use the IP7-MZC as a SIP device and a TalkMaster ™ simultaneously. TalkMaster ™ FOCUS allows you to add scheduled and automated events to your IP Paging System. For instance, your IP7 devices can automatically play pre-recorded messages or announcements on a time-based schedule.

TalkMaster ™ FOCUS and the IP7-MZC make your paging system flexible, and you can control multiple zones easily. Other solutions with the same features require more equipment meaning your overhead cost is more.

Multi-Zone Controller

The Multi-Zone Controller is a feature security companies love because they can offer an additional service to customers without the cost of extra hardware. You may have speakers in multiple locations in a large store or facility. The Multi-Zone Controller allows you to control which zones live and automated messages come over. They can choose one speaker, a group of speakers, or all of them.

For example, you can even designate a handset for emergencies. When an emergency occurs, the end-user can pick up that handset, which will cut off all the other zones in the store, and make a direct call to a monitoring center.

One Multi-Zone Controller can control up to 48 different speakers. It offers robust applications and allows you to provide an extra service like automatic voice-downs. This service is one many commercial businesses need, and when you can offer it without the additional capital expense, it’s quite advantageous.

This solution is much more cost-effective than other’s and requires fewer components to work. The more zones you have, the more expensive other solutions are.

The Multi-Zone Controller is just one amazing feature of Digital Acoustic’s TalkMaster ™ FOCUS Suite. To learn more, visit the Digital Acoustic website.

About Digital Acoustics

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